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Chainsaw Carving and its use to make Furniture for your home

Chainsaw Carving

What is Chainsaw Carving?

Chainsaw carving is a great example of ancient art plus modern technology. The art is a result of the carving technique that is performed using the chainsaw. There are many exhilarating masterpieces made using the technique in all these years and so the chainsaw carving is so in trend.

Well, as being a beginner the journey can be equally exciting and frustrating. The carving is something that takes practice and patience regardless of the tool you are using. Also, you must keep any injuries at bay and wear all the protective gear for eyes, head, and ears. So once you have the safety equipment, you can proceed further with the learning phase.

To your knowledge, there are a variety of budget chainsaws even for beginners to do chainsaw carving at sawadvisor.com, and it takes a right saw as per the outcome you expect. When we say there are various chainsaws we mean the length of the saw. A bigger carving project that needs removing the bigger chunk would take a bigger saw. Also, you need to be aware of its sharpness as it directly affects the result.

Husqvarna chainsaws, for example, are great chainsaws. These saws are perfect for everyone who wants to start with carving. The Husqvarna 536LiXP battery chainsaw is worth considering as it offers precision and easiness while carving. You can also consider a brushless motor that bestows with advanced torque than a usual motor.

Learning carving is easy but mastering it is another story. So as being a beginner, you need to understand that this is a matter of determining where you have to be consistent with the efforts. Also, it is wise to make easy projects first that would need less carving and give quicker results so you don’t lose confidence. Let’s see the two easy some projects in which you would learn to make the chair and bookshelf.

How to make Chair using a Chainsaw carving technique

make chair using chainsaw carving technique
  • First, avail the wood log and decide the length of the chair. Start by making the base by using the Husqvarna chainsaw and cut the wood only halfway.
  • Slice it in a way that it forms four legs and that would be the base of the chair.
  • Now it is time to form the pad of the chair which you would be sitting on. Cut it circular or rectangular as it matches with the legs.
  • Leave some wood by the pad that you can use to rest your back. Give it a shape like a typical chair. While cutting the back of the chair or the pad, give it 105-degrees of angle.
  • Remove the bark from the seat and the legs and sand the area and there you have it.

How to make Bookshelf using a Chainsaw carving technique

make chair using chainsaw carving technique
  • Get a log and cut it into four pie slices.
  • Cut in the middle of the pie slice in a way that it forms a storage space. Do this by making one cut straight in from the side and keep it tilted from the top down.
  • Make the lower and last shelf by making two cuts from the sides determining the depth of the shelf. Once the cuts are there, remove the middle part.
  • You can décor the top of the log a bit or leave it as it is. Remove the bark and sand the wood to make it smooth and there you have it.