7 Power Tools You Shouldn’t Own a Home Without

A home needs timely renovation or a few tweaks at least to maintain its prestige while staying stronger. In this case, there are a few tools that are must-haves as these are a complete help. Whether it is about fixing that kitchen cabinet, doing the fence, exteriors, or any kind of woodworking, these handy tools are going to serve you for years.

7 Power Tools You Shouldn’t Own a Home Without

Let’s get enlightened about what these tools are and how do they come to usages-

Circular Saw

When it is about doing any type of woodworking, this proves to be versatile equipment. It is especially effective in cutting exact shapes of exact sizes. Thin sheets like fibreboard and wood sheets can be easily handled by the circular saw.

The budget-friendly tool serves you for years. Plus, it is comfortable enough to carry around so you do not compromise your fancy wood projects. Once you understand the working mechanism of a circular saw, it comes easy to try your hands on with other saws as well.

Cordless Drill

It is cordless so you do not have to handle the mess of any wire. Also, you won’t have to find a switch to start work. The cordless tool works on the battery that once charged serves you for hours. For making those holes into the wood plies, the cordless drill works efficiently well.

Similarly, it is effective for other home’s renovation work. You can cut out the hole for the sink faucets and drains or get a hole in a wall or concrete. 


When you crave for a saw that cuts all those curvy and complex shapes precisely, jigsaw takes place. It is a great tool to have that works when other saws simply fail. It comes with a blade changing system, and each blade cuts with its own preciseness. However, the jigsaw should not be used for making long and fast cuts, because, for that, a circular saw works well.

A corded jigsaw with an orbital-action feels good while operating. Keep changing the blades until you have satisfactory results.

Table Saw

The table saw is a significant one among all the saws. It offers various types of cuts that are useful for both novices and professionals. From having cross-cuts to miter, and ripples, a table saw is a must-have. It is advised that you always invest in a good quality table saw as it is a timeless creation. Of course, table saws come with added features, so it is wise to determine your needs first and buy the saw accordingly.

Miter Saw

No other saw can cut different angles as a miter saw. That is why, once you get all two saws, you should reach your hands for a miter saw as well. Once you have the table saw for the straight and fast cuts, you will need a miter saw for the angled cuts.

Using the miter saw is not very troublesome in itself; once you know to handle the tool, you feel comfortable in making accurately-angled cuts. This is something you would need in all the wooden projects.

Paint Sprayer

It may seem just a spray, but it is actually important when you want to make all those structures look appealing. The spray makes the overall job easy where you fill-up the color you want, spray the surface, and you are done. So, for the finishing purpose, this is a must-have tool because you know gone are the days of those paintbrushes. No matter what type of wood project it is, color it as you want in a matter of a few minutes.


A woodworking router is a tool used for wood decorating purposes. It helps the person doing the job carving different shapes on the wood surface. One can flatten the wood pieces, form creative edges, cut inlays, carve on the wood, and much more. The options with a router are endless as long as you use your imagination.

Routers come with two types of bases: plunge base and stationary base. For beginners, the stationary base works quite well. Choose a router with no less than 2 HP so you can have the essential control while working with this power tool.

Wrapping Up

Well, buying these woodworking tools is always worthy. One can start from having a circular saw and determine your needs further and decide which tool you need to buy next. Always take care of the quality and invest in a good piece.

Only the right tool can guarantee a great job done, and for that, pick up a quality tool instead of saving a few bucks.

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