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11 (or so) Basic Woodworking Tools – A List for New Furniture Makers

Before heading to the advanced ones, knowing the basic woodworking tools is the way to go. This way, you know from where you should start and what exact tools provide you the ability to start with woodworking.

So let’s head to knowing the tools that every woodworker should know about-

Power Jointer and Thickness Planer

The power jointer functions to flat the edges that are going to be joined. This efficiently flattens out the surfaces that no tool can do better. This way two edges of the same wood piece will have the equal base of the same height.

On the other hand, a thickness planner works to think out a particular piece of wood. At the same time, the planer also ensures that the edges come out even and smooth.

Circular Saw

A circular saw as you understand by the name uses a circular blade to cut the wood for different dimensions. Using it while pushing it slightly harder can give you straight cuts. However, if you have a table saw, that is even better!

Hand Saws

Those who want a manual operation should use a simple saw that is not electrically-operated. This can be a helpful tool for cross-cutting, straightening edges and cutting boards as per the dimension you expect.


A jigsaw is a powerful machine that is used to cut the wood with fine detailing. Some jigsaws also come with laser LED to let you navigate better throughout the pattern.

Combination Square and Tape Measure

These are must-haves too as a basic tool. No woodworking can be performed without having fine measurements.

Power Drill

The next is power drill that comes in various types. The one you choose depends on your references plus spaces you are going to work within.


Rasps, files, a random-orbit sander, a smoothing plane, and a block plane. All these tools are supposed to smoothen out the surfaces. Have all these tools or as you need as per these scrapers work for you. Do not forget to buy a sharpening tool along as all the scrapers need a sharpening agent to continue their functionality.

Joinery Gadgets

These gadgets let you cut the desired shapes needed for joinery such as the dovetails. There are many more out there as the scrapers. The one you choose depends on your budget, usefulness, and practicality.

A Chisel with a Wooden Mallet

It is used to carve patterns on the wood. As a result, you can fasten the surfaces without having the screw visible. A mallet is a wooden hammer that is needed to apply the right amount of pressure doing the chisel work.

A Hammer and Some Screwdrivers 

These are the most basic tools that no one can imagine having the joinery work without. Get a sturdy set of screwdrivers and a quality hammer that serves for longer.


A Workmate, a puttering bench and clamps are needed when you are starting with your wooden projects. These tools allow you the right kind of space for working with the wood. The clamps are needed whenever you glue two surfaces together and want something to hold them in place.