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15 Essential Hand Tools Used for Building Hardwood Furniture

Woodworking is a fun activity as well as a professional stream to continue with. From doing minor facelifting for your home to carving out shapes as your profession, woodworking is all you need. Well, the quality of the structures you carve depends on the type of wood you opt for. 

However, the tools you bring in use also contribute majorly to define the overall quality and look of the final piece. The hand tools are always useful that you should consider having by your side. Let’s see what hand tools a woodworker ought to use-

Solid Wooden Workbench

A wood workbench is a tool to own when you need planning and implementation accordingly. The bench facilitates the right way to cutting the wood to a woodworker. A sturdy and heavy workbench is always considered of the top quality as it lets you focus without wobbling around while cutting the wood.

Tape Measure

No woodwork can take place without a measuring tape. The tape enables you to get to know the right size of wood you need for a particular space in your woodworking project. There are many types of measure tapes from statics to foldable. The one you get to need depends on your preferences and the way of measuring.

Marking Gauge

Well, you can, of course, make use of a pencil and a ruler to make the marks on your wood. However, marking gauge is considered professional and so it provides more accuracy. Making measurement is a part played by the marking gauge that uses a wheel-like blade and fences for the exact marking. 

Marking Knife

For perfect joinery, the tool needs to be professional, and so just like the marking gauge, the marking knife speaks accuracy too. When you want a more accurate drawing tool than just a pencil, the marking knife takes place. The sharp blade and the beveled edges let you have a more precise layout.

Dividers (Compass)

Dividers are used in the work of joinery for making dovetails, arcs, and similar measurements. Also, they can be used as a substitute for measuring tape at least by the traditional woodworkers. For repeating a single pattern on the wood, dividers are more common than measuring tape.


Saws are the most basic tools as you can’t proceed further with slicing the wood without using a saw. A handheld saw is a must-have tool; however, there are other saws as well that work as electrical equipment for making more precise and detailed cuts. As we are talking about the manual components, Coping Saw, Panel saws, Back Saws, and Carcass saws are the ones you can consider buying.


Chisels are must-haves as they are used to lightly chop the wood for carving various shapes. They have beveled edges which make the chiseling job easier. You should consider a kit of chisels that come with wood handles instead of the plastic ones. Also, choose the blade as per the project you work on.

Wooden Joiner’s Mallet

A wooden mallet comes as the perfect tool when it comes to hitting those chisel. Since it is made of wooden, it gives the right amount of hammer pressure. It does not mean that they are not hard and capable enough, wooden mallets are a blessing every time you need a hammer but with a lighter pressure than a hammer.

Woodwork Planes

These planes come as a handy tool and it is pretty inexpensive to have. A plane comes with a blade and the right handles to hold the tool. With muscle power, you pressurize it against the wood surface, so it can result in a smoother and even wood surface. There is a Jack Hand Plane, Block Plane, Shoulder Plane, and other types.

Sliding Bevel Square

Again a simple but useful tool for joinery or woodworking. The sliding bevel is used to carve different angles to cut on a wood surface. Then with the help of a saw, you cut the wood as per the drawn angle. This helps in making the exact angle shape especially in the case of dovetails.

Combination Square

It is a tool that comes useful for both wood and metalworking. It is a measuring tool that is specifically used for getting the precise angles of 45 degrees and 90 degrees. That is how it is always useful for dovetail joints, mortise depths, laying outlines with more accuracy.

Card Scraper

This is another one among the tools that work pretty good enough to smoothen the wood surfaces. It is a cheap and easy tool that works like a scraper and evens out the surface. It is useful in places where reaching out with other scrapping tools is difficult. It is like a card that can be sharpened repeatedly and used for quite a long time.


When you have curved shapes, you need a different type of tool to even out or smoothen them. A spokeshave is the right kind of tool that helps you with the same. Curved parts such as the legs, spindles, or the panels can be achieved with a smoother finish.

Woodworking Clamps

A simple tool but an effective one that keeps the pieces of wood together until the glue dries out. This way, you can take the clamps off once you think the parts are glued. Further, they can be secured using screws! Nothing can work as an alternative of clamps until you are ready to compromise the pressure to be applied on the joints.

Sharpening Supplies and Tools

Almost all the hand tools require sharpening to maintain their piercing. Hence, a sharpening tool is a must-have if you expect regular and high-quality joinery. There are many more tools for the purposes and a water stone can be the one to start with.