The Best Hand Tools for Furniture Repair and Restoration

The ideal tools always make a job easier regardless of the project type. To function professionally and finish a project with preciseness, there are some tools that you should own. The same is the case with furniture repair and restoration. Here are some good tools that you would need in a number of jobs to perform them greatly.

Hammers and Mallets

Claw hammer, Rubber mallet, and Magnetic tack hammer are the three types of hammers and mallets that are essential. 

A claw hammer is useful or getting under the head of the nail to slide it up. Always observe the claw before buying, the edges should be big enough to provide the needed power to get the nail out.

A rubber mallet is helpful when you want to smack on different furniture surface without denting. It can be a wood mallet as well!

A magnetic tack hammer comes with a narrow construction to get into the tight spaces. It is magnetic on the head that holds the screw upright with the magnetic power.


You should also have a kit of a screwdriver to tighten or loosen the screw. Pick the right screwdriver by matching the size of the blade of the driver and the tip of the screw. Steel screwdrivers always provide quality over other materials such as plastic. Make sure to invest in a quality screwdriver kit!


These are important too in the spaces of wood that you want to fill up. In the process, you power insert the nailset into space and fill it up with the wood putty to even out the surfaces.


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It is a must-have and any wood restoration can’t be done without a handsaw. You would need to make some cuts to get some shapes, and the handsaw works best for the purpose. In fact, by using a small miter box, you can make angular cuts.

Wood Chisels

Wood chisels are sharp that help while installing the hinges or making different types of joints such as dovetail. Having a wood chisels kit lets you have different widths that let you perform different joints. Whether it is the thin cuts, straight finished edges, or the deep cuts, a right chisel does it all.


Clamps are more than needed in all the gluing jobs when you have to join two surfaces together. The clamp holds the joint well and results in a neat and strong joint. They come in a variety of sizes and types such as wooden-jawed clamps, bar clamp, web clamp, c-clamp, and many others. However, for a light joint or any small glue job, one can make use of the home materials such as rubber bands.

Coping Saw

When particular shapes are needed, a coping saw is always a great help. By drawing the desired shape on the wood sheet and using the coping saw on the drawn pattern gets you the shape needed to do the job. It is helpful when any part of the furniture is broken and you want to replace it with a new one, a coping saw is an answer.

When this is the electric scroll saw then the job becomes handy and faster that provides with even edge.

Dowel Jig

Dowel joints take place when you want to eliminate the need of the screws to join two surfaces. As dowel joints are much stronger and seem neat, you should have a dowel jig. It helps perfectly drilling the hole on a surface so you get a precise hole for the joints. This would be impossible without a dowel jig.


A plier often comes handy to take out a nail from the tight spaces. If you have some alternative to working on the nails and do not need a plier much, then it is an optional thing to have.


A rule is very much needed as without it the measuring becomes impossible. You can choose from the folding rule, the steel tape rule, and the try-square rule. The one you want to go with depends on your expectations while having the measurements on the surfaces. However, a folding rule is always the most convenient option and a steel tape rule is great too.


Other than these tools, the carpenter’s level and planes can be used too. Select your tools on the basis of your needs and ensure that you get a professional-looking furniture restoration job.

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